10 Real Estate Tips for Staging a House

Rose Morrison

Dec 29, 2022


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Staging your home is an important part of the selling process. A nicely staged home can impress potential buyers and get you more offers. So, follow these real estate tips for staging a house. 

1. Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The exterior of the house is one of the first things buyers will notice. To increase your property’s exterior, wash the siding to remove dirt and grim. Repaint your front door to match the rest of the home’s color scheme. 

You can go for natural colors, such as browns, blacks, or grays. If you want to add a little color dark blues or reds work as well. In addition, replace any old house numbers and add a welcome mat. If you have a porch add a few chairs or lighting to enhance the area. 

2. Update Your Kitchen 

Kitchens are major selling points for buyers. In fact, remodeling your kitchen has an 81.1% return on investment (ROI). However, you can make small updates, such as switching to energy effect appliances. Repainting the cabinets and updating hardware are cost-effective options as well. Paint your cabinets a white or dark gray. In addition, clear any clutter off your counter space. If you have a larger budget also upgrade fixtures, countertops, or backsplashes. 

3. Create a Designated Office Space 

Creating an office space is one of the most useful tips for staging a house in today’s market. With 45% of people working remotely at least part-time, a home office is a valuable space. Also, some schools may still be doing virtual learning. 

You can use a spare bedroom or basement to create this space. If you don’t have a separate room, carve out a small nook in the corner of the living room or a larger closet. Set up a desk and comfy chair. Try to place the desk near a window to let in more natural light. 

4.  Remove Personal Items 

Staging can help prospective buyers visualize themselves inside the home. That’s why you want to allow them to imagine their own things within the space. Start by removing family photos and personalized artwork. Keep your clothes stored away. Clear counter spaces of personal belongings, such as hairbrushes and toothbrushes. In addition, take away any overly religious items. 

5. Declutter and Clean the Space

Decluttering can be one of the more time-consuming tips for staging a house. Clutter can make the home feel less spacious and untidy. Remove items like un-seasonal clothing, most decor, and old papers. Make the beds and add curtains to tidy up bedrooms. Keep in mind buyers may open closets, so remove any non-essential items for here. 

Along with decluttering, give the space a deep clean. Remember to get typically forgotten places, such as baseboards and ceiling corners. Plus, dust your windows and clean refrigerator coils. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas, such as the bathrooms and kitchens. 

While cleaning, see if any spots need to be patched up. For example, seal any tiny scratches or holes. Touch up any chipped paint as well. Having tidy rooms can make buyers feel like the rest of the property is well maintained. 

6. Display Storage 

Many buyers prioritize ample storage space. With more people working and spending time at home they need more room for their things. To show off these spaces, declutter your cabinets and closets. Show organization solutions by adding decorative baskets and cloth bins. You can also add shoe racks or under-shelf baskets. Organize your linen closet and add a fresh scent of potpourri. 

7. Add Natural Colors 

Bright colors on the walls can distract buyers from the room’s features. Plus, people may have more opinions about certain hues. That’s why sticking to naturals, like grays and whites is a safer option. However, bright colors can work in small spaces, like powder or dining rooms. They’re also useful to highlight certain features, such as a fireplace or bookshelf. 

8. Incorporate Fresh Scents 

Decorating with flowers is a simple way to make the space more inviting and fresh. You can add a vase of flowers to the kitchen table or a potted plant on a living room windowsill. You also want to remove odors, by cleaning and taking out the trash. In addition, install scented plug-ins in a couple of rooms. Candles can also create a cozy vibe. Look for candles with simple scents, such as citrus, vanilla, and herbs. 

9.  Let in Natural Light 

Sunlight can make a space feel warm and open. So, open your blinds and windows. During the showing, turn on all lights in your house and add table lamps. This also helps prevent buyers from having to figure out which light switches turn on what. Make sure you have multiple types of lighting including ambient, task, and accent. 

10. Rearrange Your Furniture

When decluttering, get rid of larger or bulky furniture. This helps buyers walk around the space more easily and imagine their furniture in the room. Put non-essential furnishing in storage, including oversized, damaged, or unmatching items. Then rearrange furniture to make the room feel larger. Push couches away from the wall and put chairs in a circular layout. 

Top Tips for Staging a House

Selling your house is an exciting and stressful time. There is a lot to think about like the closing costs and moving out. Yet, staging is an important part of attracting potential buyers. So, use these tips for staging a house to get your property off the market faster. 

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