12 Types of Lawn Mowers

Rose Morrison

Feb 14, 2023


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Taking care of your lawn is essential to increase curb appeal and create a relaxing space. Mowing your grass is a simple maintenance chore you should do regularly. However, it’s vital to have the right equipment. So, here are a few of the best types of lawn mowers for your yard. 

1. Push Lawn Mowers

You use your own force to drive a push mower. So, it’s great if you need a workout. Another benefit is it is quieter and allows you more control. It does have an engine, but the power is directed toward cutting the grass. 

Since these are less powerful, they work better for smaller yards. If you have a bigger backyard, you may only want to use the device for edging or triming. You can find these types of lawnmowers from companies like RYOIB and Black and Decker at Home Depot.  

$299 from Home Depot

2. Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

These simply need to be guided but not pushed. These are usually front-wheel or rear-wheel drives. You simply squeeze a bar on the handle to start the mower. Then it moves forward on its own. This requires less work, so you aren’t straining your muscles. 

Also, it prevents excess sweating on a warmer day. It also lets you focus more easily on guiding it in the right direction, so you don’t accidentally trim any flowers. You can find popular products from brands such as RYOBI and Honda at Home Depot. 

$499 from Home Depot 

3. Riding Lawn Mowers

These types of lawn mowers you can ride on. They resemble a tractor and work well for larger yards. This provides even more convenience and doesn’t tire you out as quickly. So, you can get the chore done faster and still have time to relax after a long day of work. These usually come in four main types with various styles and budgets.

Here are the main ones:

  • Lawn tractors: It’s a front-engine mower, controlled with a steering wheel and brakes.
  • Rear-engine ride: These are lighter and easier to maneuver around tight turns. They also come with a steering wheel and brakes.
  • Zero-turn radius machine They include levers that allow the drive wheels to spin at different rates. So, they work well for trimming an arcing flower bed.
  • Garden tractor: Garden tractors often have more power and stability than lawn tractors. They also include a variety of attachments from tiling to snow plowing.  

$1,949 from Lowes

4. Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic devices provide convenience by doing all the work. This makes it easier to catch up on projects or help the kids with homework while the machine mows your lawn. You can even work on expanding your garden for the season. All you need to do is set it up. To install the technology, you’ll need to establish a boundary wire. 

You determine where you want the robot to go so that you can target a specific area of your yard. The other benefit is some are quiet enough to run at night. Although, keep in mind these work better for smaller areas. Plus, the programming will be a little challenging at first. 

$999 from Home Depot

5. Zero-Turn Devices

These types of mowers operate similar to riding ones. However, the mowing deck is located at the front. It allows for easier maneuvering and is best for larger lawns. The machines also don’t have a steering wheel. 

Instead, you control them with levers connected to the rear wheel. Zero-turn lawn mowers have many advantages, such as saving you time and being easy to handle. You can find them through brands like Craftsman and Ariens. 

$3,199 from Lowes

6. Reel Lawn Mower

A Reel mower is better for the environment since it doesn’t rely on gas or electricity to run. So, it prevents carbon emissions that pollute the air. These are also quiet machines to mow your grass later at night. 

Also, they encourage physical activity, keeping you healthy. These devices also benefit your lawn by not simply ripping out the grass. Instead, they cut like scissors leaving behind a manicured yard. For a creative way to get the chore done, attach your bike to the end of the handle. 

$139 from Home Depot 

7. Hover Machines 

These types of lawn mowers ride on a cushion of air, moving in all directions. The air pressure from the fan above the blades allows the deck to glide above the grass. Hover mowers are perfect for those awkward spots other machines can’t get to or workaround. 

It also ensures you don’t run over anything left in the yard, like children’s toys or gardening tools. The machines are also easier to push up slopes since they’re lightweight. The downside is they may be less durable than other models. 

$994.99 from Mowers Direct 

8. Battery Powered Device 

These types of mowers are often lighter and quieter than gas-powered ones. Remember you need to charge the machine before using it. The length will depend on the particular model. Some push mowers can run for 70 minutes or more after being charged. So, you efficiently use that time to clean up overgrown weeds. 

Just properly maintain the batteries to increase their lifespan. Although, you will eventually need to be new ones. When shopping for this machine, check if the battery and charger are included. 

$497.81 at Amazon

9. Electrically Run Machines

There are two types of electrical mowers-corded and cordless. Corded mowers need to be plugged in during use. This may take time to get used to, but they offer benefits. You don’t need to charge them outside of mowing. 

On the other hand, you can move cordless mowers around freely. This is more convenient, especially if you have a wider yard. Although you do drain the battery as you complete the task. Electrical mowers have many advantages, such as easy maintenance and a quieter system. 

$6,999 from Lowes 

10. Gas-Powered Ones 

Gas-powered mowers don’t need to be charged or have cord restrictions. So, you move around freely and run the device right away. These are powerful and cut through tougher grass. You can get the job done sooner and take more time with your family. 

The only drawbacks are it may be heavier and louder than other models. Plus, keeping up with regular maintenance is critical, including​​ oil changes. Although, their replacement parts may be cheaper. These types of mowers can be found at Lowes from well-known brands, such as Craftsman and Honda. 

$1,149 from Lowes

11. Manual Powered Device

You are the primary power source for manual mowers. That means you guide them and provide the initial momentum. So, these require more work but allow you to build muscle. They also allow for more overall control and can be cheaper than electric models. 

They are better for the environment and don’t give off greenhouse gasses. Another benefit is you don’t have to talk over a louder engine if the family is visiting. 

$87.11 from Home Depot 

12. All Wheel Drive Lawn Mower

With this system, all four wheels are connected to the power source. So, the machine moves quickly and powerfully. It also is perfect if you live in a hilly area with uneven terrain. The traction allows for better maneuverability. 

This is ideal for wet conditions, so you don’t have to wait to mow after a storm. You also have better balance when cutting stubborn weeds. The one downside is this is more costly compared to the rear or front-wheel drive. 

$479.99 from Tractor Supply 

The Best Types of Lawn Mowers

Owning a home comes with many maintenance responsibilities, like cutting your grass. That’s why you want to have the right tools. So, review this list of the best types of lawn mowers to make your decision.  

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