10 Types of Home Styles

Evelyn Long

Feb 27, 2023

home styles

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When shopping for your dream house, there are many designs. While each home has unique features, some have similar details creating specific categories. Here are a few different types of home styles to consider. 

1. Colonial

This is a trendy style dating back to 1607-1775. This period is when Pennsylvania was still a colony of England. The design is known for having doors centered with a rectangular window above. The structure is usually decorative moldings and multi-paned windows arranged symmetrically. This creates a beautiful and clean-looking property. 

The roof usually has a chimney on both sides. Suppose you like to entertain. These homes often have a large porch supported by columns. 

2. Victorian 

The Victorian era was from 1837-1901and marked the reign of England’s Queen Victoria. Homes styles from this era had steeply pitched roofs and ornate gables. Most of the buildings used brick, but some had colorful paintings. Dark and saturated hues, such as maroon or green, were popular at the time. 

The top of the home features octagonal towers. These provide an appearance that stands out and adds character. Traditional interior elements include heavy curtains, flowery wallpaper, carpets, paintings and plants.

3. Ranch-Style

A ranch style is growing in popularity and has district features. These homes are typically one story and have an open concept. Therefore, they work well for people with limited mobility or larger families. Another feature is a larger front and backyard. Add a seating area and some lighting to spruce up the space.

The house has a longer width with large windows to enjoy natural sunlight and a view. Keep in mind there are multiple types of ranch home styles, such as split-level ranch.

4. Cape Cod Style

These homes are built low and broad and are usually one story. The roof is steep, with a chimney in the middle. This style has little ornamentation for minimalists. The main door has multi-paned windows.

These casements can improve energy efficiency and block out noises. They also help add an extra layer of protection. Larger windows and wooden accents can make the interior feel cozy. Paint with neutral schemes, with shades of white, cream and blue.

5. Contemporary

This is one of the more complex types of home styles to emulate. It is not tied down to a specific period, so it’s constantly changing. So, it’s a good style for those who like to keep up with design trends. 

Common elements are straight lines, rectangles and lack of ornamentation. Simple materials, like treated woods, bricks, stone and steel are used. The color palette often uses blacks and whites. The contemporary design creates a modern and sophisticated appearance. 

6. Cottage

Cottage-style homes often feel cozy and charming. They are smaller in square footage but make up for it in personality. Therefore, they work well for college students or smaller families. The design was originally from Europe and used for working-class farmers. 

In the US, cottages are popular as vacation homes. They feature decors, such as wood siding, small porches and fireplaces. When decorating the house, look for cozy fabric, such as florals for furniture and rugs. In addition, look for antique items to add a sense of charm. 

7. Craftsmen 

This is one of the types of home styles focusing on handmade architecture. It values quality materials and is against mass-produced items. The structure features hand-worked supplies, exposed beams, low-pitched roofs and tapered columns. Inside there are custom decors, such as bookshelves and fireplaces. 

These handmade features provide quality and beauty and are better for the environment. Mass production emits tons of greenhouse gasses that pollute our air. 

8. Greek-Revival 

Greek revival-style homes first appeared in the 1820s. The house emulates classic features found on the Parthenon, such as sturdy columns. The design was inspired by Greek democracy, philosophy and culture. The houses feature large beams, neutral colors and grand entryways. It includes a painted plaster exterior and molding as well. Embellishments, such as framed dormer windows, are also found throughout. 

9. Farm House

A farmhouse style includes tall ceilings, exposed beams and a rectangular layout. They also have a large front porch and a central fireplace. Some structures have barn-shaped roofs. The interior often has rustic elements, like exposed brick or stone. It takes a modern approach with clean lines and updated features. 

Here are a few more tips for decorating:

  • Start with clean lines and a simple design.
  • Incorporate reclaimed wood.
  • Create a focal point.
  • Combine modern furniture with vintage pieces.
  • Paint with natural textures and tones.

10. French Country 

These houses are inspired by styles found in areas like Provence, France. They are similar to farmhouse designs but have unique features. French-country homes are made of stone with pointed roofs.

The interior of the building features a fireplace, distressed wood and a subtle color scheme. This stone exterior and neutral color scheme provide and calming atmosphere.

The Best Types of Home Styles to Consider

Each home has its unique features, but some have similar elements. You want to find a design that speaks to you. Consider one of these types of home styles when shopping for your next property.

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