Top Cities in the US with the Best Cost of Living

Olivia Elsher

Aug 25, 2020


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Are you planning to relocate? Maybe the cost of living in your current city has grown expensive, or you merely need a change of scenery. If you’re a real estate investor, you want to know where to devote your dollars.

What are the top cities in the US with the best cost of living? You need to consider multiple factors to find the right one to fit your lifestyle. However, the eight locations below offer something for nearly everyone. 

1. Augusta, GA

If you want a city to call home that’s a genuine Georgia peach, why not try on Augusta for size? You’ll find an ideal climate with rare snow. Granted, you’ll enjoy humidity in the summer — but your skin will stay dewy and stave off wrinkles. 

The average cost of rent in Augusta is only $879. You rarely find decent housing for less than $1,000 per month in many other places. You’ll also save a bundle on produce due to longer growing seasons and a plethora of fruit trees. 

2. Palm Bay, FL

Do you want to retire to the Sunshine State? While you may find destinations such as Boca a bit pricey, you can live a life of luxury in Palm Bay for a fraction of the cost. 

Have you ever wanted to learn how they build racecars? You can watch the experts assemble a dragster at Larson Motorsports. If you prefer a different kind of horsepower, hop in the saddle at Pine Creek Ranch. 

3. El Paso, TX

If you wouldn’t dream of buying salsa from New York City, head to the Lone Star State for spicy food and some of the most affordable housing in the nation. The median home price is $130,700, over $60,000 below the state average. If you are in the market to fix and rent, you can find tons of inexpensive properties to add to your portfolio. 

4. Akron, OH

Akron has it all — a fairly central location to each cost, lakeshores within a reasonable drive and a moderate climate. You get all this for 6% below the national average, making it one of the top US cities with the best cost of living. It’s also beneficial to those needing health care, as prices come in at 16% lower than average. 

5. Topeka, KS 

Do you crave wide open spaces for as far as the eye can see? Head to Topeka. If you’re a runner, beware — that hill may look close, but it could be miles ahead. 

Kansas housing prices already ring in on the inexpensive side, with $137,700 as the average listing. However, you can find lovely models and pay over $20,000 less in Topeka.  

6. Oklahoma City, OK

Another Midwest wonder, Oklahoma City offers affordable housing and a central national location. Plus, you’ll find ample opportunities for career growth. You sit at a crossroads with three highways running through the region, making it a mecca for long-haul truckers. The energy sector likewise offers ample employment opportunities. 

7. Putney, VT

If you have unmet healthcare needs, head north. Although Vermont’s attempt at single-payer coverage failed mainly due to conflicts with federal rules, it nevertheless covers an impressive percentage of the population. 

You’ll fall in love with the small-town charm of this picturesque but lightly populated region. It’s a welcome country respite in the industrial Northeast. 

8. Rochester, NH 

Rochester is a New England gem that offers housing at less than the national average. While it isn’t a stone’s throw to New York City, it is drivable — and you’ll pay 83% less than you would for a pad in the Big Apple. Enjoy quiet weekends at home with the occasional trip to see a Broadway play. 

Moving? Consider One of These Top Cities in the US with the Best Cost of Living 

If you’re relocating or looking to invest in real estate, the eight top US cities above have the best cost of living to offer. Now all you need to decide is where to invest or hang your hat.

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