The Best Generators in 2021

Evelyn Long

Feb 22, 2021


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Power outages happen, and if you don’t have a generator, you could be left with candles and canned food for a few hours or even a few days. Extreme weather conditions often cause power outages, and you certainly don’t want to be stuck without backup. 

Owning a backup generator gives you peace of mind no matter what situation you’re in. Standby, non-portable generators are perfect for at-home use during a power outage. Portable generators, while not powerful enough to provide electricity for a whole house, can be used for the things you need to keep running most — like refrigerators or heating systems. Plus, you can take them with you if you go camping or need power at a job site.

There are various factors to consider before purchasing a generator, like quality, efficiency, fuel type and runtime, which is why we’ve rounded up the best generators of 2021 to meet your power needs.

Westinghouse Dual Fuel Portable Generator 7500

This generator by Westinghouse is the perfect option if you’re looking for something versatile. It operates on both gasoline or propane, so if you have one without the other, you won’t have to worry. It includes a key fob remote starter so you can start it from anywhere, and it has an electric push-button. 

Most other generators have a recoil cord — this one doesn’t, making your job of starting it that much easier. Plus, it’s portable, so you can take it anywhere you need power.

$873.08 from Amazon

Generac 22KW Home Backup Generator

The Generac 22KW Generator is a powerful, standby, air-cooled generator that offers backup for an entire home in case of a power outage. It hooks up to your smartphone, tablet or PC so you can see its status from anywhere. All Generac generators are engineered and assembled in the United States. With a tough outer finish, it can outlast any weather conditions. 

Starting at $4,709 from Generac

Cabela’s Outdoorsman Generator by Champion

Cabela’s Outdoorsman Generator provides you with portable power wherever you go, whether it’s during a day in the woods or a home emergency power outage. The remote start, which can be pushed from 80 feet away, makes it easy to use. Once it’s running, it delivers power for up to 10 hours. It includes a folding handle and a steel roll cage, and the tires never go flat, no matter where you roll it.

$549.99 from Cabela’s

Duromax Hybrid Portable Generator

The Duromax Hybrid Portable Generator gives you 12,000 starting watts and 9,500 running watts, which is enough to power you through inclement weather or any other unexpected power outage. With all-metal construction, it’s tough enough to last on rougher job sites and can withstand storms. Additionally, on a full tank of gasoline, this generator can run up to eight hours. If you want to double the fuel life, you can run it on propane as well. 

$1,299 at Home Depot

Powerbuilt Portable Digital Inverter Generator

Are you looking for a smaller generator that can travel with you while you camp, hunt, tailgate or hang out at the beach or park? The Powerbuilt Portable Digital Inverter Generator is for you. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry with you. Even though it’s small, it still delivers 2,000 surge watts and 1,600 running watts. 

You can power a television, small appliances and power tools with ease. At 25% load, it has a 12-hour run time, and it’s quiet as a mouse.

$499.99 at Powerbuilt

Champion 3,500-Watt Portable Generator

To get the most bang for your buck, you need the Champion 3,500-Watt Portable Generator. It’s versatile and convenient. Whether you want to go on a weekend outdoor trip or need backup in case of a power outage, this generator can keep your appliances running smoothly. It has a recoil start, and it will undoubtedly start up every time, even in the coldest weather. Additionally, it includes a low-oil shut off sensor for your safety. 

$499 at Brand New Engines

Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station

If you’re looking for a greener option for generators, then the Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station is for you. Instead of running on gas, this generator uses a lithium-ion battery to provide you with clean, portable power. Whether you need it for camping or a power outage, it can last just as long as a gas or propane generator. It can be charged by the sun, a wall outlet or your car. 

$3,199.95 at Goal Zero

Get Power When You Need It Most

Generators protect your house from power outages and are a great companion for camping trips or job sites. When you need power, you can trust these generators to provide it. 

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