10 Tips for Hiring Construction Workers

Rose Morrison

Feb 20, 2023

tips for hiring construction workers

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Finding top talent is essential for any business. In construction, it’s vital to ensure quality homes that meet your client’s needs. You also want to find people with enough experience who fit into the company’s culture. So, here are some tips for hiring construction workers. 

1. Create Effective Job Postings

One of the easy ways to attract top talent is to have an ad that stands out. With people scrolling through tons of job descriptions a day, you want yours to be memorable. So, make sure it is both informative and honest. Be clear about the responsibilities of the job. 

For example, does it require operating heavy machinery? Also, be transparent about the type of labor. Will the candidate need to work overnight shifts? In addition, include your company’s mission statement and any perks.

Here are a few more things to add to the description:

  • Desired skills and education
  • Any training opportunities
  • The company’s culture

2. Use the Right Job Boards

Once you have an attractive job description, you need to reach the right people. You can start with listings on Indeed and Monster. These are well-known sites that can help you find talent. Although, remember to look at niche job boards for hiring construction workers. 

Some sites to check out include:

  •   iHireConstruction
  • ConstructionJobs.com
  • CareersinConstruction.com

Using these sites, you can find candidates with more specific career experience. It may save you time if you only have to sort through a small pool of candidates. Plus, it even lowers recruiting costs. 

3. Provide Apprenticeship Opportunities 

This helps with hiring construction workers open to training. They have limited experience, so you can help sharpen their skills. You also expand your candidate pool. 

Working with recent grads is an excellent way to secure long-term employees. You can partner with local schools and companies. Advertise your training programs on job descriptions and social media. 

Here are some tips for creating an effective apprenticeship :

  • Determine your program’s goals.
  • Create a payment structure.
  • Develop an in-classroom learning plan. 
  • Build an on-the-job training plan.

4. Take Advantage of Referrals

Sometimes it’s the people around you that can offer the most help. Ask your current employees, friends or family if they know someone. This saves you time searching and gives you more qualified talent. 

Many referred employees stay longer at the company and fit in with the culture. Set up a system with your co-workers to make the referral process easier. Use a central platform to keep track of and upload referrals. Also, use it as a space where they can send you any messages on the topic. 

5. Check Out Temp Agencies

This is a good solution if you need someone quickly or for a short-term project. Suppose you’re starting your own business. This is an easy way to find some help. These agencies also take some of the work off you. They can suggest skilled laborers for a specific job. Plus, you could hire them as a permanent employee if the contractor does well. 

Here are a few companies to look into:

  1. Corporate Job Bank
  2. Monster
  3. Trades Corp
  4. Minute Men Staffing Services

6. Consider Hiring Veterans

These people often have a harder time getting jobs after they serve. However, they have many transferable skills. These include experience building structures or operating heavy machinery. They also know how to follow orders and work as a team.

Start by reaching out to organizations that support veterans, like Hiring Our Heroes.

Here are a few more reasons to hire veterans:

  • They have strong leadership skills.
  • They perform well under pressure.
  • They have values of integrity.
  • They know how to deal with adversity.

7. Come Up With Creative Strategies 

Start by using inclusive hiring practices. Look for all types of candidates and backgrounds. Take the chance to hire women entering the construction field. This industry tends to be more male-dominated, with only 9% of U.S. construction workers being women. 

However, women can offer a fresh perspective and even improve safety conditions. Also, consider disciplined candidates who work well in teams and have physical stamina. Make sure you balance experience with these essential skills when recruiting. 

8. Highlight Your Growth Opportunities 

Most employers value the potential to grow within a company. They hope to learn new skills, move up within the role and earn higher pay. Consider promoting your company’s opportunities within the job description. 

For example, do you offer additional training for management roles? If you need more ideas on expanding your offering, survey your current employees. See what they would want to see in terms of professional development. 

9. Invest in Technology and Training Programs 

With advanced technology, your company must stay updated on all the latest trends. You also want to ensure your employees are adequately trained on using them. 

Consider making this part of the orientation process.  It can also attract more ambitious candidates with tech skills. Plus, ensuring your employees are prepared keeps equipment functioning and people safe.

10. Create a Positive Image of Your Brand

Having a good brand can help attract qualified candidates for your open roles. Make sure you have a well-designed and user-friendly website. In addition, post professional job descriptions and create a solid social media presence. 

Another strategy is posting employee profiles or success stories from recent projects. Another idea is to get involved in your local community. This can show that you’re a company that cares about others. 

Steps for Hiring Construction Workers

The construction industry is essential for creating safe and functional structures. So, you want to find suitable candidates for the job. Consider these tips for hiring construction workers for your company. 

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