Figuring Out Your Living Situation as You Get Older

Olivia Elsher

Jan 14, 2022

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As you get older, there are always things to consider about the next stage in life. If you’re approaching old age, you’ll need to consider whether your current living situation will accommodate how your body ages. You’ll also consider your desire for potential medical assistance and assisted living.

While no one enjoys thinking about those needs, it’s better to have your wishes planned while you know you can make them. By having a plan in place, you can enjoy aging gracefully. Here’s what you need to consider about your living situation as you approach old age.

Your Home

Consider your current home and whether it’s the type of home you see yourself in as you age. As you age, an environment that’s currently safe may not remain that way as your risk of injury increases with age.

A one-level home is typically safer than a home with stairs. You’ll also want to have doors and hallways that could accommodate a mobility aid, such as a walker or wheelchair. Choosing a home with these features could let you stay in your home throughout your golden years.

You and your partner will also need to consider whether you’d want to look at a 55-and-older community for your future home. By looking at these communities for your next home rental or purchase, you’ll put yourself with other people who are aging with you, which can lead to more friendships and a safer environment.

You also should consider your proximity to loved ones. As you get older, your tolerance for travel will decrease, so you might not see friends and family as often as you can now. Living close to your loved ones gives you the freedom to see them without worry.

Also, consider your distance from medical care. As you age, it’s more likely that you will need regular and emergency medical treatment. Being close to a clinic or hospital will give you fast access to care if you need it, keeping you healthier for longer.

Your Care

As you age, there may come the point where you need outside care to help you live your best life. This could involve help from loved ones, in-home health aids, or care from a living facility. By looking into these things now, you can ensure your desires are followed, which will help you continue to live the way you want. Consider:

  • At-home care: Care in your home from a health aide or a loved one with training.
  • Assisted living facility: A living facility where you can access residential and health care services with people in a similar position.
  • Skilled nursing facility: A specialized facility with 24/7 medical care for severe health conditions.
  • Continuing care retirement community: A community with all these options on one campus.

There’s nothing more empowering than choosing what kinds of medical options and care you want in the future. Even if you need more care than you’d like, you can plan out which facilities you’d like to go to if you need that care.

Your Financials

Another thing you’ll want to consider as you age is your financial situation. If you’re not retired, make sure you know what the difference in your income will be once you retire.

If you’re married, consider the combined income you’ll have and how much you’ll be able to spend on your living situation individually and together. Look at your retirement plan, savings, taxes, Social Security options, and debt to determine the amount of money you’ll be living on.

Planning for your future financials can help you make decisions that will help you save and make living decisions.

Planning for Your Golden Years

You’ll need to consider many things as you get older, including the best living situation for you and your partner. Making these decisions can ensure your loved ones follow your wishes in vulnerable times and that you have everything you need to live a healthy, fruitful life.

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