5 Beautiful Treehouse Designs You’ll Love

Olivia Elsher

Feb 1, 2021


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When you were young, there was nothing in the world like a great treehouse. Whether it was in your yard, or in your friend’s, being able to hide away in a structure built just for kids was always guaranteed to be a good time. It was like a safe haven for you and your friends that let you get away from your parents’ rules and just relax. 

In this day and age, treehouses have taken on an entirely new form. They’re not just for kids anymore; adults also now enjoy building, vacationing in, or even living in treehouses that are more elaborate than you would ever see in your childhood pal’s backyard. Many take on building treehouses as a hobby, and some, even a career. 

Here are 4 beautiful treehouse designs that might tempt you to sell a house fast and start living in the woods. 

Standard Treehouse

a beautiful treehouse design in a forest

This might be the closest thing to the treehouses you remember from your childhood, complete with a slanted roof and windows. You better be able-bodied and nimble, however, because this treehouse will require some climbing to access. If built right, this treehouse doesn’t have to just be a playplace for your kids. It can also be a place for solitary meditation, or even working out if the ceiling is high enough. To build a treehouse like this one, you’ll need at least one solid tree as its base and foundation. 

Tall Treehouse with Stairs

a tall treehouse in the woods with a spiral staircase

Not everyone is able or wants to climb on tall ladders to reach a treehouse. For some, it might be very physically challenging, and for others, straight up terrifying to climb to those kinds of heights. Either way, incorporating a sturdy set of stairs into your treehouse design can make your treehouse much more accessible. 

With stairs, you might actually consider making your treehouse a functional space that you can use regularly. However, this is a more robust structural engineering challenge. You’ll likely need to contract the help of a contractor who specializes in taller, narrower staircases. We don’t recommend executing something like this alone. 

Multi-story Tree Mansion

beautiful multi-story treehouse mansion with lights

We hesitate to call this a treehouse as it really is a full on house. You’ll notice railings, support beams, glass windows, and other features that really turn this treehouse into a livable space. This will require many tradespeople to bring to life, unless of course you’re a jack of all trades. Installing the windows, running electrical, and adding touches like a chimney require more skill than your average carpenter. However, if you execute this flawlessly, this is one of the treehouse designs that could create a sanctuary away from home.

Floating Gazebo

floating gazebo treehouse

A gazebo isn’t an uncommon feature of a sizable backyard. It can provide a great place to read, relax, and just watch the world go by. To put a spin on an old classic, try combining the features of a gazebo with a classic treehouse. This could offer you a great oasis and a beautiful view of your neighbourhood. Just make sure your neighbours know what you’re building before you build it.

Short Castle

a large short castle treehouse

You don’t have to prop your treehouse up hundreds of feet to have an incredible view. This short and stout tree castle is only a few feet above the ground. It rests above the base of a very old tree in front of a river. This treehouse design resembles a beautiful castle in the woods.

The roof slopes downward, allowing leaves, twigs, and forest particles to gently roll off of the treehouse. Maintenance is easier in that aspect. The exterior designs of this tree castle allows the inside to be completely insulated for comfortability. You can still think big without making your next treehouse too high up. 

Creating the Perfect Treehouse Designs

A treehouse doesn’t have to just be a platform built at the top of a tree. It also doesn’t have to just be a place reserved just for your kids to play. If built right, a treehouse can serve as a functional space perfectly suitable for adults that satisfies your childhood fantasies. 

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