10 Ideas for a Bedroom Remodel

Evelyn Long

Jan 19, 2023

bedroom remodel

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Your bedroom should be a comfortable space you enjoy spending time in. Giving it an update can increase its function and style. Here are ten bedroom remodel ideas to try out. 

1. Add Statement Lighting

Many bedrooms have a simple fan or flush-mount light in the center of the room. Instead, make your space stand out with a statement light piece. For example, you could add a chandelier above your bed. An oversized lamp is another fun way to elevate the room. Consider having the lampshade a contrasting color to create a unique focal point. 

2. Add Personality to Your Walls

Painting is a common bedroom remodel idea. It’s a cost-effective and straightforward way to brighten up the room. You can also create an accent wall by having one wall with a different hue. Blues, whites and grays are popular choices for their soothing tones. However, if you want to create a more energizing feeling, go for reds or pinks. In addition to painting, hang some artwork on the wall. Buy nature paintings or display family photos. 

3. Create a Seating Area

Often beds can serve multiple functions. They can act as a place to watch television or work from home when we’re feeling lazy. However, these blurred boundaries can make it harder to sleep at night. 

So, build a seating area to chill out and use your bed for rest only. Add in some comfortable chairs, blankets and a rug. You can also include a small side table for your phone or books. If you have a smaller space, simply tuck a chair or two in the corner. 

4. Update Your Floors

Hardwood floors are durable and provide a modern appearance. They are also low-maintenance and add resale value. Place soft area rugs to make the space feel cozier and more comfortable for colder mornings. For further warmth, install carpeting. It reduces noise and can be a cheaper option. There are also more eco-friendly choices, including cork and bamboo. 

5. Remove a Wall 

If you have more room in the budget, you can remove a wall or add a door for more space. This can make it easier to move around and increase storage areas. If there is a bathroom next door, consider connecting the two rooms. Another option is to combine two bedrooms and remove the hallway. This can create a mini private suite. 

Keep in mind you’ll need a permit for this project, and it can be costly. Also, hire a professional if you have to reroute any electrical or plumbing. 

6. Buy New Furniture and Decor

Updating your old furniture is an easy strategy for a bedroom remodel. It can give the room a fresh look without any heavy construction. So, consider buying a new chair, desk or dresser. 

Also, splurging on comfy sheets and covers can elevate the space. Along with the new bedding, update your old mattress and bed frame. Pick a color theme, such as neutral tones, to create a more cohesive room. Plus, you can include modern decorations like plants or string lights. 

7. Increase Storage Space 

For smaller bedrooms, this is an essential tip. You may not have a large walk-in closet. Instead, take advantage of vertical space. Install floating shelves and cabinetry. Also, place decorative bins in the corners or smaller ones on your dresser. Another option is a built-in bench seat with drawers or a window seat bookcase. Place a storage container under your bed for items you want to keep hidden, like seasonal clothes. 

8. Decorate the Ceiling

The ceiling may not be the first area you think about. Adding a new coat of paint can give it some character. You can paint it the same color as the rest of the walls to tie the room together. If you’re going for a more dramatic effect, paint it a contrasting hue. Also, consider adding fun patterned wallpaper to change up the look. If you have more room in the budget, install faux beams or crown molding. 

9. Have a Theme

Design with a theme in mind to create a unique bedroom space. Pick out furniture and decor that match this style. For example, you could go for a tropical look. Then include a canopy bed, bamboo window shades and a blue wall. 

Here are a few more themes to consider trying out:

  • Shabby chic
  • Tuscan 
  • Hollywood
  • Contemporary 

10. Personalize the Space

Make sure you have decor that makes you happy and represents your passions. For example, hang a surfboard onto the wall if you like to surf. If you’re an athlete, display your trophies on a bookcase. The decor can reflect family values as well. For example, design with furniture passed down from your parents. Adding these personalized details can make your room more welcoming.

Tips for Your Next Bedroom Remodel

Remodeling is a great way to update a space. It can be fun picking out new colors and decor. So, follow these tips to have a successful bedroom remodel. 

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