How to Sell Your House and Move Out of State

Peter Chambers

Feb 3, 2021


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Are you planning to sell your house and move out of state? Coordinating the sale of your house will take a toll on you, and the same goes for searching for a new one. Each of these tasks is complicated on its own, but combining them is a sure formula for stress and mental exhaustion.

There are plenty of logistics to keep in mind and even more things you need to plan for. However, there are a few strategies that you can apply to this process to make it at least a little less difficult for you and your family.

Knowing how the real estate market will swing is just one thing you should know. There is so much more to consider.

Make sure you are ready to commit fully

Getting your home ready for sale while looking for a new one will be a big undertaking. When you top that with an out-of-state move, it will be a lot to handle.

Before you dive into such a venture, make sure not to have too much on your plate. Ask yourself whether your life will allow you to go through such an endeavor.

For most of us, buying and selling our home might be one of the most significant projects we will ever encounter. That is why you want to be sure that you are clearheaded during the process and that nothing is distracting you. If there is anything else that could take priority over this process, you might want to rethink your timing.

Do you know what type of property you are looking to purchase? Do not start house hunting until you have priorities in check. 

Coordinate the sale of your house with the help of a real estate agent 

There are always contracts in play when it comes to selling and buying real estate. Their purpose is to keep all participants in line. In real estate contracts, there will be some deadlines that you will have to honor, so it is clear that time is of the essence.

A real estate agent can make sure that the coordination of your purchase is timed well with the sale of your home. Plus, as professionals, they will be better equipped to find the property you are looking for. With their help, it is less likely that you will be stuck in an undesirable situation, like selling your home during winter.

For instance, if you are moving from Illinois to Tennessee, a local Tennessee real estate agent will be more likely to find you what you have in mind. Since they know the lay of the land, they will be more efficient, and they will act quicker.

Hiring legal help is money well-spent 

Since you have two big closings in your future, you must be protected from a legal standpoint. Hire a lawyer whose expertise is linked to real estate, especially if you are a rookie in this whole process. A lawyer will ensure that all the paperwork is in order and that you are not being deceived.

There is a lot of legal jargon in every contract you might not understand. With professional guidance, you can rest easy knowing that everything is covered from a legal standpoint.

Always understand your contract before you make any formal commitments. 

Plan the out of state move accordingly 

Selling your home is only the first part of the process; many other important and challenging tasks will follow. Your long-distance move might be the most difficult to handle and prepare for. It can be a stressful process for everyone, including the youngest members of the family.

While you pack, hire professional movers, rent storage, and cover the rest of your move, make sure your kids are well taken care of. Moving is often the most troublesome for the youngest family members. Make sure that you are their rock and a shoulder to lean on during this transition.

Buy a home first 

This piece of advice is crucial, but it can be tricky to realize. Only those with more significant financial means can follow it. The easiest way to go through this transition is by purchasing your new property first. Consequently, your move will come in second.

You will only have to worry about how you will coordinate the sale of your house after. If you don’t have the means to fully fund your new home while your old one is on the market, double mortgages might do the trick until your soon-to-be former home is sold.

Rent your home while you coordinate the sale of your house 

You heard many times before that timing is everything, and this case is no exception. Putting together the entire puzzle of buying and selling homes can be challenging, to say the least. Add moving in between, and you can be one step away from a meltdown. When logistics are less than perfect, having this tip in your sleeve might save the day.

You might not find a property you would like to buy before managing to sell your current one. Thus, you will need to vacate your home without a new one in sight. Try coordinating with your buyers and rent your home from them while you are on the hunt for a new one. You will still set a clear timeframe when you need to vacate, but at least you will buy some extra time.

During this entire process, make sure that your family is never left without a roof over their head.

How Sell Your House and Move Out of State With Less Stress

When looking to coordinate the sale of your house, get ready to sacrifice some time, patience, and energy. A buyer with a great offer rarely comes into the picture overnight. The same applies when purchasing a new home out of state.

Thus, make sure your head is in the right space for this project. In addition to all of this real estate business, your family will need you during your relocation as well, and even more once the adjustment period kicks in. Make sure you prepare your family for what this change brings. The difficulty of such a move may be well worth it; just make sure you are all up for the challenge.

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