Editoral Guidlines

The readers of Renovated.com are looking for well-researched content regarding topics such as home renovation, improvement, design, maintenance, and construction. Readers are also interested in subjects such as real estate market trends and investments. If you are interested in contributing to Renovated, please read our guidelines. 


Please only submit entries that are completely relevant to the niche categories within our site (housing market, home improvement, design, construction, and building better– AKA eco-friendly living). 

In addition, any work that is submitted with improper grammar, spelling, or punctuation will not be considered. 

Your post must also provide our audience with reliable information, and if you use any outside sources they must be accredited websites. Along with this, we never accept “spammy” content. If your work contains direct links back to specific products and services, links back to irrelevant or inappropriate content, we will not publish your work–nor will we accept any of your future work moving forward.

Here are the basic principles to follow if you are looking to submit a post that would be a great fit for Renovated:

Word count: no less than 600 words, preferably no longer than 1600 words
Articles must include a featured image that is noncopyrighted and is the following dimensions: 1920 X 1280
A very brief description of the article that goes along with the featured image


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