Top 13 Easy-to-Move Couches

Rose Morrison

Feb 23, 2022


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Moving is always stressful, and figuring out how to transport cumbersome pieces of furniture can be a major obstacle. When facing multiple flights of stairs, narrow hallways and limited space in a moving truck, a large sectional can seem impossible to maneuver. That’s why it’s essential to have easy-to-move couches. 

Furniture companies have started to catch on to this problem, and many are now designing couches specifically to make moving easier. Whether buying furniture to move to a new apartment or looking to make an investment that will be easy to transport down the line, these options can help lighten the load. 


Floyd’s “The Sofa” boasts a design that “fits through any doorway,” as the simple pieces break down into more manageable parts to transport. 

The Sofa comes in three configurations — two-seater, three-seater and three-seater + chaise — all made to assemble and disassemble easily. This couch is not only easy on the eyes with its modern design, but it will be easy on the arms when it comes time to move it from one home to the next. 

The fabric and materials have also been tested for durability, so it should survive everyday wear as well as a trip in the back of a moving truck. 

Starting at $1,895 from Floyd

a teal easy-to-move couch


The name of this Burrow collection says it all: Nomad. This series of sofas and loveseats is made for those who never stay in the same place for too long. 

With a variety of sizes and configurations, the Nomad pieces ship in separate, easy-to-carry boxes, and the parts are simple to attach. 

Whether choosing the basic three-seater, upgrading to a four-seater or adding a chaise, designers of every piece in the Nomad collection had moving in mind. 

Starting at $1,495 from Burrow

Belffin on Amazon

For a more affordable option, this Belffin sectional sofa offers many of the same benefits as the higher-end brands. 

Mailmen deliver the L-shaped couch in two boxes, saving any concerns about navigating an awkward shape through a doorway. The company vacuum compresses the cushions for easy packing, and assembly instructions are included and do not require any tools. 

Finally, the Belffin couch is a smaller option for cozier living rooms or apartment living, which also helps when moving into a place with narrow staircases or doorways. 

Starting at $419.99 from Amazon

Elephant in a Box

As the name suggests, Elephant in a Box modular sofas ship in just one single box, making it easy to order and transport to a new home. The couches come with simple instructions on how to attach and detach each piece with ease.

The modular sofas come in different sizes to fit in any space. They even have a couch-desk combination working sofa, which will help you save space and have one less item to carry when moving. 

Starting at $1,200 from Elephant in a Box


Campaign offers two modular sofa configurations — a standard three-seater and an ottoman add-on — that come with a “no tools necessary” promise. You can attach the pieces with simple twist-on screws. Campaign even claims people can assemble or disassemble them in 15 minutes.  

Still concerned? Campaign can ease the workload even more with assembly and lifting assistance available to book from TaskRabbit. 

Starting at $1,495 from Campaign 


With a wide variety of sizes and configurations, Lovesac aims to offer couch options that can adapt to any needs. 

A major bonus is that you can break down the “sactional” for easy moving. They’re also rearrangeable. If the current arrangement doesn’t work in a new space, then you can take the pieces apart and put them back together for any environment.  

Starting at $2,240 from Lovesac

Inside Weather 

Inside Weather has a wealth of customizable, easy to move couches. 

The mailmen will deliver every sofa in two to three flat-pack boxes for easy transporting and lifting. The assembly time depends on the size, but the company includes all required tools with your purchase. For example, you can put together or take apart the Custom Soba Sofa in just 15 minutes

Additional perks: they make their furniture in the U.S. with sustainable materials so that they last from move to move.  

On sale now starting at $1,700 from Inside Weather 


While Coddle has a few different seating options to choose from, the modular “Node” collection has a lot to offer for frequent movers. 

The modular design of this collection makes it possible to configure the pieces based on any room, with the ability to expand with additional seats or arm rests when needed. 

Finally, the Node pieces ship in boxes, an essential feature to look for in buying furniture before a big move. 

Starting at $1,450 from Coddle


Anyone who’s been to IKEA knows the Swedish company specializes in self-assembly, flat-packed furniture. 

Assembly difficulty and number of packages varies based on size and style, but the options are endless. Whether it be a sectional, a sofa and chaise or a loveseat, IKEA pieces are ready to pack and put together in a new home. 

Plus, IKEA pieces come in a wide range of prices to fit any budget. 

Starting at $200 from IKEA


Allform strives to make easy to move sofas with everyone in mind. From a loveseat to the massive eight-seater couch, every single piece is delivered in boxes for easy management. Allform includes tools and instructions with every purchase, so assembly is worry-free. 

The couches are customizable, with the opportunity to add ottomans, chaises, pillows and more depending on the space. 

To make matters better, shipping is free. 

On sale starting at $1,595 from Allform


Sabai’s “Essential” collection is designed to be an essential part of home life, able to stand the test of time and travel from home to home. 

Sabai couches will be delivered in flat-pack boxes with assembly instructions included. 

The pieces are also scratch-resistant and easy to clean, so no need to worry about damage when transporting them to a new crib. 

Starting at $1,295 from Sabai

Vicluke on Amazon

Another can’t-beat prize from Amazon, the Vicluke convertible sofa bed is a steal for those moving into smaller spaces. 

The couch will come in two boxes for easy moving. If it is assembled before the move, the backrest can fold down flat to fit through the doorway. In fact, the sofa can be adjusted to three positions: standard sofa, recliner and sleeper. This three-in-one piece is a great option for anyone who wants to cut back on the number of items they need to transport in their move. 

Starting at $379.99 from Amazon

Eugene from Wayfair 

One important factor to keep in mind when buying furniture before a move is weight. A couch that weighs a ton may make life miserable when facing three flights of stairs. That’s why the Eugene sofa is a great choice. 

Despite being able to convert into a California king sized sleeper, this couch weighs in at only 73 pounds. It ships in compressed packaging with tool-free assembly, making it an unbelievable option for anyone who does not want to sacrifice size for convenience. 

If this one isn’t the right fit, Wayfair has pages and pages of other lightweight furniture to browse through. 

Starting at $999.99 from Wayfair

Moving just got easier

Cumbersome furniture no longer stands in the way of embarking on a new adventure. 

There is no lack of options with easy to move couches on the market today. No need to waste time wondering how these pieces will fit through a doorway, so go ahead and sign that new lease. Happy moving! 

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