The Top 5 Evergreen Plants for Shade

Rose Morrison

Feb 21, 2023


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Many plants require full sunlight to blossom and reach their full potential. However, there are various plants out there at thrive in full and partial shade as well. Look no further if you’re looking for plants that can survive and thrive in the shade. Let’s explore the top five evergreen plants for shade. 

1. English Ivy

English Ivy or Hedera helix is a perennial evergreen plant for shade, which means it returns every year once you plant it. Shockingly, English Ivy can climb up to 80 feet! English ivy falls under the classification of a foliage plant or woody vine that thrives in shaded areas.  

Spring is the best time to plant English ivy outdoors, but you can also use it as an herbal supplement or a house plant. English ivy can purify the air in your home and provide many health benefits. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can treat asthma, COPD and arthritis. 

2. Climbing Hydrangeas

Climbing hydrangeas are some of the most beautiful evergreen plants for shade. Two types of evergreen climbing hydrangeas thrive in warm spots with moist soil in shady areas. They can survive in most soil types but prefer moist, well-drained soil. 

It can take a few years for hydrangeas to establish and develop their pretty white flowers. Climbing hydrangeas do best when you plant them in Spring or Fall when the soil is warm, so prepare your garden in the winter to plant them in early Spring for optimal results. Hydrangeas like areas that are not too sunny or shady but a nice mixture of both. 

3. Rhododendron Species

Rhododendron catawbiense is a species of rhododendron that are evergreen shrubs with exquisite flowers that prefer shady locations. These flowers attract hummingbirds with their gorgeous shades of red, lavender and white. 

These rhododendron evergreen bushes have a deep green and leathery foliage that reaches a height of up to eight feet and can spread up to six feet. Azaleas are a type of rhododendron that thrive in the shade. There are other species of rhododendron that make excellent evergreen plants for shade as well. 

4. Tree Peonies 

Tree peonies are native to China and were valued for their medicinal properties. They have significant and gorgeous flowers that can bloom and grow up to ten inches. Tree peonies can grow up to five feet tall and wide in ten years. 

The flowers bloom in early summer or late spring and do well in adequately drained soil. They prefer light shade, as too much sun can scorch the flowers and cause them to fade. Peonies are perennials that come back every year. 

5. Mountain Laurel 

Mountain laurel or kalmia latifolia is last but not least on our list of evergreen plants for shade. This native North American shrub is shade tolerant and provides dark green foliage throughout the year, even after its flowers have vacated the premises. Mountain Laurel can perform in deep shade but prefers partial sunlight and shade. 

This shrub produces the most pollinated and vibrant flowers bloom in late spring. The flowers contain deep hues of mahogany or purple dots or streaks and range from a deep rose color to white blooms that span the branches of this evergreen plant for shade. 

Evergreen Plants for Shade

Evergreen plants for shade can provide colorful blooms all year round for your home. Dead branches can zap the vividness right out of your yard during the winter, but evergreen plants for shade can liven them back up! 

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