The Best Cheap Bookcases for All the Bookworms out There

Rose Morrison

Apr 23, 2021


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There’s something magical about books, and bookworms know it. Whether it’s the smell of fresh ink or the excitement of turning each page, many avid readers have an affinity for the printed word. While they may have purchased a Kindle — or reluctantly accepted one from a friend — paperbacks and hardbacks still hold a special place in their hearts.

If you, too, have a fascination with books — and an impressive collection to prove it — now may be the perfect time to upgrade your display. Show off beloved classics, your favorite who-done-its, and your writer friend’s most recent bestseller with these best cheap bookcases.

1. Furinno Turn-N-Tube Corner Square Display

white 5-tiered square corner cheap bookcase

Small spaces call for smaller storage solutions — like a corner display shelf. While this square bookcase might not look like much, it features five shelves that can hold a total 50 pounds’ worth of books.

Plus, you can choose from a variety of finishes and designs to match your apartment’s aesthetic. Assemble this bad boy in minutes, stick it in a corner, and show off your colorful book collection in style.

2. SogesPower 3-Tier Bookcase and Cabinet

3-tier wooden bookcase for all the bookworms out there

Are you looking for something a bit more heavy-duty? This three-tier bookcase should do the trick. Its simple design can match all kinds of decor, and the smooth finish means it’s super easy to clean. Hide your more racy novels in the storage cabinet at the bottom and display the rest of your collection on the three shelves above.

Each one is sturdy enough to hold 60 pounds of paperbacks, and the whole thing — sans novels — only weighs 52 pounds.

3. Convenience Concepts SoHo Bookcase

weathered grey wooden bookcase with glass

If you’re just beginning to build your book collection, you probably don’t need a giant bookcase. Stick with something simple by adding a Concepts SoHo bookcase to your living room or home office. The contemporary design features a weathered finish and tempered glass base.

Plus, the hollow core construction promotes a more open-concept feel and allows everyone to take a peek at the newest additions to your reading list.

4. Adjustable Desktop Display Shelf

adjustable light wooden desk organizer shelves

Do you take frequent reading breaks throughout the workday? Prevent novels from piling up on your desk and maintain a clutter-free workspace with an adjustable desktop display shelf.

This design comes in four different colors and two pieces. Push them together or pull them apart to alter the shape and fit books and decorations of various shapes and sizes. You can even fully overlap the two shelves or arrange them at an angle to take advantage of corner spaces.

5. Atlantic 4-Tier Rotating Cube

espresso wooden four tier rotating cube organizer

If you have an affinity for romance and mystery novels, you probably have a plethora of small, stocky books lying around. These tiny paperbacks tend to look quite awkward on a typical bookcase but will fit perfectly in this four-tier rotating cube shelf.

Each cube is nearly 6 inches deep, 11.5 inches wide, and 8 inches high. Plus, three of the four tiers rotate a full 360 degrees, so you can find your favorite novel in seconds.

6. Bestier S-Shaped Ladder Shelf

wooden and metal geometric s-shaped bookshelf

The ladder shelf trend has been around for years now, but this S-shaped version puts a refreshing spin on the classic design. A metal frame, thick steel tubes, and hollow-core panels ensure better load-bearing, and each shelf can hold up to 30 pounds. Put it together yourself or enjoy expert assembly service at an additional cost.

7. Legault Geometric Bookcase

black geometric 5-tier bookcase

Eco-friendly bookworms will love this recycled bookcase from our list of the best cheap bookcases. Its simple, modern style makes the five-tier shelf versatile and aesthetically pleasing. A staggered rectangle design increases the load-bearing and makes this piece even more beautiful and intriguing.

Choose between a white or rustic brown finish to find a color that best suits your home.

8. Bamboo Tree Bookshelf

wooden bamboo bookshelf

Whether you love the contemporary style or prefer bohemian interiors, this tree-shaped bookcase is sure to complement your unique aesthetic. Its one-of-a-kind design features seven shelves, each one capable of holding five to 10 books.

Solid bamboo wood promotes durability and its vertical shape makes it ideal for corridors, small rooms, and libraries already brimming with books. Plus, anti-inverted parts and round edges make this bookcase a safe choice for anyone with small children or curious pets.

9. Modern Wood Bookcase With Metal Frame

four tier ladder shelf

Of course, bookworms with a huge collection might need an option from the best cheap bookcases that’s a bit bigger if they want to keep all their novels in one place.

That’s where this 5-foot, open-standing bookcase might come in handy. Its wood shelves and metal frame lend themselves well to farmhouse, industrial, or modern aesthetics. Four tiers offer plenty of storage, and anti-slip foot pads eliminate wobbling for extra stability.

10. Room Essentials 5-Shelf Bookcase

white wooden bookshelf with 5 tiers

If you’re a minimalist or simply appreciate clean, crisp lines, a basic, five-shelf bookcase will serve you well. At just under 6 feet tall, this spacious vertical bookcase is the perfect place to organize novels and display plants and other decor.

Plus, adjustable, open shelves allow you to rearrange your collection whenever and however you please. Use the anchoring hardware kit to improve the safety of your beloved books and household members.

11. 8-Cube Organizer Shelf

wooden 8 cube shelf

Cube organizers are all the rage these days, so it’s no surprise that bookworms are using them to store and display their collections. This particular shelf features eight 11-ounce cubbies with a weight capacity of 15 pounds per shelf.

Add colorful fabric boxes for a unique and practical touch and position the shelf vertically or horizontally, depending on your living space. All you need is a screwdriver and a hammer to assemble it.

12. Elite Media Storage Bookcase

7 tier freestanding shelves with multiple compartments

Avid readers who have been gathering books for multiple years will likely need something bigger than anything that’s been on this list thus far. To them, a five-tier shelf simply doesn’t provide enough space.

Luckily, the elite media storage bookcase is here to save the day. Seven fixed shelves can hold hundreds of books, and a slim-profile design maximizes space without sacrificing style. In other words, you’re probably getting the biggest bang for your buck with this shelf.

13. Wabansia Ladder Bookcase

wooden cherry ladder bookcase

Are you a sucker for those whimsical ladder bookcases? You’re not alone! Thanks to their versatile style and incredible functionality, these chic storage solutions are still popping up in homes all over the world.

Luckily, this one is relatively inexpensive, so you can display your books without the extra guilt of going over your budget.

14. Glitzhome A-Frame Bookcase

wooden and black 4 tier triangle ladder

If you do have a little extra cheddar to spend on a unique and functional bookcase, add the Glitzhome A-frame bookshelf to your list for consideration. This sturdy ladder bookshelf features high-quality particleboard with walnut melamine and an unusual design that’s sure to turn heads.

If you do purchase this particular shelf, remember to get some bookends as well, since the shelves are open.

Choosing from the Best Cheap Bookcases for Your Needs

The best cheap bookcases are ones that fit all your books. So take some measurements and count your novels.

Measure the space in which you plan to put your shelf, too. Do you want it to sit vertically or horizontally? Finally, consider your style and which materials might best complement your aesthetic.

If you keep these details in mind, you’re sure to choose a functional and beautiful bookcase to suit your needs and support your growing collection.

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